On the right TRACK

TargetCancer Foundation (TCF) has announced the TCF-001 TRACK (Target Rare Cancer Knowledge) study – a trial that brings advances in precision medicine to people living with rare cancers and their treating physicians, right in their own communities.

TRACK aims to provide the treatment care team with individualized treatment recommendations, informed by genomic analysis and in consultation with field-leading rare cancer clinicians and researchers. TRACK challenges the traditional paradigm of clinical trial participation by incorporating remote consent, enabling patients to access genomic information and tailored treatment recommendations without the typical requirement to travel to an academic medical center.

TargetCancer Foundation, a patient-founded not-for-profit organization, serves as the study sponsor and is collaborating with renowned experts in the field of rare cancer, and Foundation Medicine, Inc., a molecular information company.

The research team includes principal investigator Razelle Kurzrock, MD, as well as co-principal investigators Vivek Subbiah, MD; James Cleary, MD; and Roman Groisberg, MD.

“The establishment of TRACK is a significant milestone for TargetCancer Foundation as we seek to help patients with often-overlooked rare cancers identify an effective treatment path,” said Jim Palma, executive director, TargetCancer Foundation. “In partnership with the study’s investigators and Foundation Medicine, we will drive scientific understanding of traditionally understudied rare cancers while directly enabling patients and their physicians to make better informed, individualized targeted therapy choices.”

Dr. Kurzrock added: “With the introduction of the TRACK study, we can now offer rare cancer patients as well as oncology investigators a detailed analysis of critical genomic information that holds the promise of a targeted treatment protocol for each patient.”