MIT Jameel Clinic partners with global pharmaceutical firm Sanofi to advance AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a phrase regularly touted as the route through which the future will be realised, but does that promise hold true? The Jameel Clinic at MIT and Sanofi have announced a collaboration that will help to realise that promise. With programs extending from positive impacts on patients, through to enhancing early-stage drug discovery, the new partnership will allow pharmaceutical researchers to access to MIT Jameel’s facilities. The enhanced access should benefit both parties and allow exploration of where technology meets patient data. Access to innovative technology platforms will deliver insights into how diseases work, at all levels, and will open doors to discovering and developing new treatments by exploiting the capabilities of AI and machine learning.

The collaboration covers a range of medical disciplines and will address both traditional small molecule medicines and the more complex biological medicines that have seen remarkable growth over recent decades. For example, the IT capabilities at MIT Jameel can be applied to the problems of detecting breast or ovarian cancers, will seek to identify key biomarkers for other conditions such as stroke, and will offer researchers access to computing power to manage the vast volumes of data generated through genomic technologies.

The MIT Jameel clinic is one of the healthcare arms of the Jameel Community, a global initiative with roots in Saudi Arabia applying evidence, science and technology to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.