Dubai Health Authority partners with Australia to enhance medical technologies and training

Existing relationships between Dubai and Australia are set to develop, with representatives from both countries meeting to discuss medical collaborations in the latest and advanced medical technologies.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has agreed to explore collaborations between medical and academic institutions, and representatives have also discussed factors that have helped the Emirate tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. These include an integrated system of preventive measures and treatment, best-in-class medical expertise, and the availability of the latest medical technology and advanced protocols.

Research and development is a top priority for the DHA, with collaboration key to enabling knowledge-transfer and accessing the latest technologies and practices, ultimately resulting in high standards of care to patients. The medical advances that have helped Dubai tackle Covid-19 featured heavily in discussions, through integrated practice, and applying advanced medical approaches and technologies.

Recognizing the continuous progress within Dubai’s health sector, the Australian authorities are also keen to see greater cooperation between the two countries in medicine to the benefit of all.