Artificial Intelligence Transforming Healthcare in Dubai

Dubai is leading the way in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its healthcare provision – for patients are health givers alike. The American Hospital Dubai (AHD), working with partner technology company Cerner to model AI-driven improvements has announced the initial results from its studies.

Sherif Beshara, CEO of AHD’s parent group, Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla, said: “American Hospital Dubai is one of few leading organisations in this region who have proactively taken the lead to invest in AI with the goal of enhancing patient and caregiver experiences. Together with our key strategic partners such as Cerner, we share the UAE Vision 2021 and align with UAE’s National Program that identifies AI as one of the key strategies to help transform healthcare in the country.”

Of the 4 models planned at AHD, this first program has sought to predict Covid-19 Patient Mortality and ICU Admissions – identifying which patients are at greatest risk, and using this information to provide the most timely and appropriate interventions. The hospital used 50 risk identifiers and analysis of over 17,000 patient records to develop the model.

To date, the model has identified a range of factors that can be applied clinically such as: linking higher ICU admission rates with comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease; highlighting that ICU admission for female patients in 50% higher when the patient has a high body mass index; and correlating a number of clinical test results with ICU admission rates.

The next phase of the programme will see American Hospital Dubai leveraging its world-class AI services and an intelligent data science environment to allow the transition the AI program to a wider healthcare industry level.