Omnigene Medical Technologies Ltd. is actively engaged in innovations promoting accurate and precise tests from low volume and difficult samples. The tests can be used in the clinic for patient surveillance, and in research laboratories to measure multiple analytes in a low volume or highly degraded material. The methodologies are versatile and can be used in various health areas, in research models, in archival material to minimise time lapse for validation of biomarkers, in liquid biopsies (circulating tumour cells and exosomes) and in clinical trials. We developed tests and optimised services in the areas of cancer testing, autoimmune disease, inflammatory diseases, dysbiosis and neurological conditions.

The company also invests in development projects aimed to enhance existing technologies and to merge technologies towards specific aims. As a contract research organisation (CRO) we leverage our optimised methodologies to support the academic community and biotech companies to measure multiple analytes (DNA, RNA and proteins) in low-input and low quality material.

Omnigene Medical Technologies Ltd also represents companies that offer high-end technologies for the academic research laboratories and promotes cutting edge technologies for early detection of disease and its progression.

We specialise in emerging technologies, innovations, early detection of cancer, cancer progression, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, COVID-19 serology, vaccine surveillance, preclinical CRO, xMAP technology, multiplex assays, validation studies, liquid biopsies, exosome research, microbiome, and genetic services.