“Antegenes® (est. 2018) is an ISO 13485 certified health-tech company and a registered healthcare services provider (laboratory services, medical genetics, oncology) in Estonia.

Antegenes is an international pioneer of precision preventive medicine, aiming to use personal genetic information to reduce the severity and mortality due to common complex diseases (cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc).

Antegenes develops and implements advanced genetic tests based on polygenic risk scores technology to enable precision prevention. Antegenes has brought four innovative CE-marked genetic tests (in vitro medical devices, 98/79/EC) into clinical use. Our tests are for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and skin melanoma. Based on our tests we have created and implemented genetics-based precision prevention programs.

We inform individuals and their doctors about their genetic disease risks and provide actionable medical recommendations that reduce the likelihood, severity and mortality of common cancers and other complex diseases.

Antegenes’ products are created scientifically with laboratory and clinical validity and clinical usefulness, which makes them usable in healthcare by a broad range of healthcare professionals and institutions. Products are based on peer-reviewed international research and have been evaluated and validated using anonymized population data of the UK Biobank and Estonian Biobank.

Our services include development and creation of genetics-based personalized cancer screening programs for different clinical settings and populations.”